Auto Accident

Can You Get More Money After You’ve Accepted an Auto Accident Settlement?

After an auto accident, you know you’re facing some big expenses, especially if you needed an ambulance ride and an overnight stay in the hospital. You also may be too hurt to work, and that means no paychecks for a few weeks or even months. When the insurance company offers you a settlement, you may be quick to accept it, as you need money right now, and if you need more in the future, you can always ask for more—right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Accepting any settlement, whether it’s enough to cover your accident-related expenses or not, locks you out from pursuing more money in the future. That’s because the fine print in these settlements always includes a stipulation that accepting them means forgoing all rights to future compensation, claims, or lawsuits.

Because of the “one and done” factor of personal injury settlements, it’s extremely important to get every penny you need both for your current expenses and your future expenses in a single settlement. Getting some compensation now and then going back for more later once you’ve determined how much additional you’ll need is simply impossible due to the way personal injury law and insurance companies work.

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