Auto Accident

Should You Move Your Vehicle After an Accident?

Auto accidents don’t just affect the people who were involved in them. They can also cause big delays and headaches for hundreds or even thousand of other drivers. People have different opinions of whether they should move their vehicles after crashes, both drivers after a crash may disagree on what to do.

If the crash involved only minor property damage and no injuries, you should move your vehicles if you can safely do so. This helps traffic move smoothly again and can even reduce your risks of being involved in a secondary accident. But if the crash resulted in injuries or significant property damage, stay where you are. Moving your vehicle can put you and other victims at risk of further injury, and it can be more difficult to determine who is at fault.

It’s important to call 911 immediately after a crash to not only dispatch an ambulance to the accident scene, but also to dispatch a police officer. The responding police officer can help direct and reroute traffic while you and other victims wait for emergency responders to arrive. Rerouting traffic is vital, as many auto accident victims are struck a second time by rubbernecking, inattentive, or distracted drivers.

Before you leave the crash scene, try to take pictures. All damaged vehicles may be towed away shortly after the crash, which can make it difficult to determine who was at fault. Pictures, dash cam footage, and witness statements can help piece together what happened.

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