Auto Accident

Offered a Settlement After a Crash? Our Lawyers Can Review It to Make Sure It’s Fair.

Insurance companies do everything in their power to protect their profits. That often means paying victims far less than they deserve after accidents and injuries. A surprising tactic that insurance companies use to protect their profits is to offer victims settlements right away after accidents and injuries.

When victims receive these settlement offers, they often feel lucky to have avoided the lengthy negotiation process that injury claims can entail. But what they don’t realize is that the settlement offer they received is far less money than they’re actually owed, and that the insurance company only offered it to get out of paying a full settlement.

At Skolrood Law Firm, it’s our goal to help injured victims get full and fair compensation. In our decades of experience, we know that virtually all unprompted and fast settlement offers are “lowball offers.” They’re designed to take advantage of injured victims who need money right away and who haven’t calculated exactly how much their injuries will cost them both today and years in the future.

Another advantage for insurance companies with these offers is that once victims accept them, they can’t ask for more money later. Getting signatures on these offers releases the at-fault parties and their insurance companies from any future liability and payouts. In the case of many accidents, that’s a bargain in the eyes of insurance adjusters!

Don’t lose out on the money you’re truly owed. Contact our Roanoke car accident lawyers right away after an injury or if you receive a settlement offer and you’re unsure if it’s enough money for you and your family.