Common Medical Errors

Helping Victims of Medical Malpractice in Central and South Virginia

When a healthcare provider makes an error due to negligence—or the failure to provide an acceptable level of care—it may be medical malpractice. At Skolrood Law Firm, we have experience handling many different kinds of medical malpractice claims, including:

  • Delayed Treatment or Misdiagnosis
    Treatment of a serious illness is often time sensitive. If a healthcare provider fails to detect an injury or illness, or fails to conduct the proper tests, the loss of valuable treatment time may result in irreversible damage.
  • Prescription Medication Errors
    Prescription medications can do more harm than good when doctors fail to take certain precautions. Without a full understanding of a patient’s medical history, a doctor may prescribe a drug that:
    • is too strong for a patient or too weak to be effective,
    • causes an allergic reaction,
    • or harmfully interacts with other drugs or supplements.
  • Surgical Errors
    Surgeons are trained to perform delicate, lifesaving procedures. Carelessness during an operation may result in:
    • surgeons leaving tools or devices within a patient’s body.
    • procedures performed on the wrong body part of a patient.
    • damage to nerves, blood vessels, and vital organs.
    • anesthesia errors resulting in intensified pain or even death.

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