Motorcycle Accident

How to Reduce Your Risks While Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

The best time to ride your motorcycle is when the sun is shining and the roads are dry. Visibility and traction are your best friends when you’re traveling on two wheels. However, you can’t always ride in ideal conditions. And with the days becoming shorter as winter approaches, there’s a good chance you’ll spend some time riding at night—especially if you use your motorcycle as your primary method of transportation.

Here are a few tips to follow to reduce your risks while riding after dark or before sunrise:

  • Ensure all of your lights work—Your motorcycle’s lights don’t just illuminate your path, they also help make you visible to other drivers. Check your lights regularly and have spare bulbs ready in case any are burned out.
  • Make your bike and yourself reflective—Although riding around with your lights on makes you easier to spot by other drivers, your appearance may be “washed out” by their own headlights. Reflectors on your riding gear or bike can you much easier to spot and thus much safer on the road.
  • Don’t ride when you’re sleepy—Driving a vehicle requires fast reflexes and alertness. Riding a motorcycle is even MORE demanding. And if you ride while you’re sleepy, you aren’t at your best. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and avoid riding when you’re fatigued.

Unfortunately, there are always negligent and reckless drivers on Virginia’s roads, especially at night. If you get hurt by a negligent driver while you’re riding, our Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help. Contact Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.