Nursing Home Abuse

Can Nursing Home Residents File Their Own Abuse or Neglect Lawsuits?

In many cases, nursing home residents who are abused or neglected by staff members or other facility employees rely on their loved ones to take action on their behalf.

That’s because residents are often unable to physically, mentally, or emotionally handle the task of filing a lawsuit against the facility they live in. But that’s not always the case, and sometimes, residents who are perfectly capable of taking legal action are abused or neglected.

One of the biggest challenges that residents face when it comes to filing claims against their own facilities is managing their own living situations. It can be extremely difficult to pursue compensation against a nursing home when a resident still lives there and in fact may have no options for moving elsewhere, especially if they are physically disabled.

It’s important for residents who are abused or neglected to reach out to trusted family members and friends for help. Those trusted confidantes can then help the residents contact a lawyer and begin the process of searching for a new nursing home if necessary.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke nursing home abuse lawyers are here to help regardless of victims’ situations. We know that not all abused and neglected residents have family members and friends who they can trust, and that’s why do everything we can to provide them with sensitive, confidential, and dedicated service from the moment they contact us.

Whether you’re in a nursing home yourself or you know of someone who is being abused or neglected, it’s important to get legal help right away. Call our firm for a free consultation—we’re ready to begin protecting your rights.