Personal Injury

Do You Really Need a Lawyer for Your Injury Claim?

You were hurt in an accident and need compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. You were expecting a fight to get the money you need, but the insurance company seems cooperative. It may have even offered you a settlement. If that’s the case, then why do you need a lawyer?

Simple: the insurance company is extremely unlikely to pay you what you deserve on their own volition! Insurance companies are in business to make profits, and if they paid every claimant full compensation, they wouldn’t make very much money. The reason why insurance companies report big earnings and profits quarter after quarter, year after year, is because they reduce or deny claims whenever and wherever they can.

When insurance companies seem cooperative or even proactive by offering settlements right away, it’s because they know the alternative is even worse. That means they’ve reviewed the facts of the cases, and they know that the victims deserve substantial compensation. But by offering immediate compensation, they can often get victims to accept settlements that also sign away their rights to future compensation.

Unfortunately, victims who accept fast settlements often quickly find out that the money they received isn’t enough to pay for all of their expenses. But when they reach out to the insurance company, they’re told that they’re no longer eligible for compensation. And it’s true—once you accept a settlement, that’s it. Personal injury claims are “one and done” situations.

Don’t let this happen to you! Having a lawyer on your side helps you ensure that you’re either getting a fair settlement from the insurance company, or that you have an advocate who will help you get fair compensation. Contact Skolrood Law Firm’s Roanoke personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.