Personal Injury

Is There a Cap on Personal Injury Settlements in Virginia?

The amount of compensation victims can receive for most injury claims in Virginia isn’t capped. That’s good news for victims whose injuries will result in lifelong care and a lifetime of disability, as their accident-related expenses can easily add up to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

However, there IS a cap on medical malpractice cases in Virginia, which is currently $2.5 million. This cap increases by $50,000 every year and will reach $3 million by July 1, 2031. There is also a cap on punitive damages, which are damages designed to punish extremely negligent, reckless, and malicious people and parties. This cap is set at $350,000.

Just because there’s no cap on non-medical malpractice injury lawsuits doesn’t mean that victims have an easy time getting paid a fair amount, however. Insurance companies do everything in their power to reduce or even deny claims, including those with plenty of evidence to show that victims weren’t at fault. And the more money that’s on the line, the more combative and less cooperative they are.

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