Why Even Partial Blame Can Make Injured Riders Ineligible for Compensation After Accidents

October 6th, 2022 | Motorcycle accident

When motorcyclists are injured anywhere in the U.S., they often face difficult paths to compensation. That’s because insurance companies are frequently biased against riders, and they often believe they’re at fault for their crashes, regardless of what the evidence says. In Virginia, the path to compensation for injured riders is even more difficult. That’s because… read more Read More

Motorcycle Passengers Can Sue for Damages After Crashes

May 19th, 2022 | Motorcycle accident

Unlike riding in a vehicle as a passenger, riding a motorcycle as a passenger isn’t a passive experience. Most importantly, passengers must hold on to bars or their drivers tightly in order to simply stay on their bikes while moving. In addition, motorcycle passengers need to shift their weight during turns and help their drivers… read more Read More

Negligence Is a Factor in Many Motorcycle and Passenger Vehicle Crashes

April 28th, 2022 | Motorcycle accident

Now that we’re several weeks into spring, most drivers in Virginia have gotten used to the presence of motorcycles on the road. But even though drivers are aware that motorcyclists may be sharing the road with them, they don’t always look out for them. The reasons that drivers fail to see motorcyclists can range from… read more Read More