Truck Accident

How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Claim?

Virginia’s statute of limitations for injury claims is two years from the date they happened. This encompasses a wide variety of claims, including slip and fall claims, auto accident claims, and truck accident claims.

It’s important to realize that while two years seems like a generous amount of time to pursue compensation, 24 months passes faster than you realize—especially if you’re seriously injured. Many truck accident victims take far longer than two years to recover from their injuries, and they may not even begin the process of pursuing compensation until it’s already too late.

In addition, waiting until the deadline has nearly arrived to file a claim often means not having access to the evidence you and your lawyer need to bolster your chances of getting compensation. The sooner you contact a lawyer after your truck accident, the better.

If you wait too long, all parties involved, including the driver, the truck company, and the truck owner may be more difficult to get ahold of, and their insurers also may be better prepared for the possibility of you filing a claim against them.

Finally, waiting until the deadline has almost passed to contact a lawyer means putting a time crunch on them, which can mean a less effective claim. It’s important that your lawyer has plenty of time to prepare your claim before demanding full compensation from the insurance company.

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