Truck Accident

Truck Accident Lawyers Must Be Familiar With Federal Laws

When two or more vehicles collide in Virginia, state laws come into play when determining who is at fault. But when a semi-truck crashes into a passenger vehicle in Virginia, both state laws AND federal laws may come into play. That’s because the trucking industry is regulated by an arm of the U.S. Department of Transportation called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

State laws dictate things like speed limits and distracted driving guidelines, while federal laws dictate many aspects of semi-trucks. They include oversight for driver rest requirements, maximum load limits, maintenance schedules, and more. Unfortunately, these laws are often broken by people and parties in the trucking industry to increase profits and shorten times between deliveries.

The involvement of federal laws and guidelines means that lawyers who handle truck accident claims must have significant knowledge of the law to maximize their clients’ chances of success. When law firms are only familiar with state laws, they may miss many examples of truck drivers, companies, or owners being negligent and therefore liable for any damages that crashes cause.

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