Wrongful Death

We Build Wrongful Death Claims with Sensitivity and Respect

At Skolrood Law Firm, we know that families who file wrongful death claims want compensation just like families who file personal injury claims. But that’s where the similarities between these two types of claims end, on a personal level.

Wrongful death claims are often significantly more difficult from an emotional standpoint, and it can be a struggle for many families to even reach out to lawyers in the first place when they’re grieving their losses. Our Roanoke wrongful death attorneys understand the incredibly sensitive nature of wrongful death claims and why they must be treated with extreme care throughout the legal process.

When you contact us about the loss of your loved one, we’ll make it our goal to not only get your family full compensation, but to also be a source of strength and comfort. When insurance companies fight back against wrongful death claims, it can mean that surviving loved ones must revisit the accident, injury, or illness that caused the death—often many times over.

But with our legal team on your side, you’ll have the freedom to grieve privately and at your own pace. All communication with the insurance company will go through us, and we’ll be the ones in charge of collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence. Your only job during this difficult process will be to honor your loved one’s memory and to push forward as best you can.

Our wrongful death lawyers are here to help anytime you need us. Contact Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.