Wrongful Death

You Have Two Years to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Virginia

After losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly, the last thing most families want to do is deal with the legal system, insurance companies, and lawyers. They need time to grieve and try to get their lives back to some degree of normalcy. But they also often face major financial struggles, especially if their deceased loved ones were the primary income earners for their households.

Thankfully, families have time to file wrongful death lawsuits in Virginia. The state gives families up to two years after the dates of their loved ones’ deaths to bring legal action against the people or parties whose negligence may have contributed to or caused their deaths. After two years have passed, families can no longer file wrongful death lawsuits.

Although two years may seem like a generous amount of time, it can pass more quickly than you think. In addition, waiting many months or even over a year can make it more difficult for families to win their claims. That’s because evidence is more difficult to find and witnesses may be more difficult to track down as weeks turn into months and months become a year or longer after the death occurred.

If your family recently lost a loved one because of others’ negligence, Skolrood Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Roanoke wrongful death lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll build your claim with the sensitivity, compassion, and dedication it deserves.