Motorcycle Safety Tips

Follow These Tips to Protect Yourself on the Road

As a motorcyclist, you know there are few experiences that match cruising down the highway on your bike. But you also know that motorcycles can be dangerous and lead to accidents and serious injuries—even when you wear proper protective gear. So whether your accident occurred due to a defective part, unsafe highway, or negligent driver, you need experienced legal representation on your side.

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Staying Safe on the Road

To decrease your chances of being involved in an accident—and to protect yourself if you are involved in one—it’s important that you follow a few important safety guidelines, including:

  • Inspect your bike.
    Test the lights and brakes, check your oil and fuel levels, and make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted for your riding position.
  • Suit up.
    Always wear high-quality protective gear—including a helmet, protective jacket, pants, boots, and non-slip gloves.
  • Be alert and cautious.
    Ride within your bike’s limits and your experience level, don’t speed, and never ride in the blind spots of other drivers. Ride as if you are invisible, not invincible. Always look for drivers who are about to pull out or change lanes. Bright clothing and safety gear help you be noticed.

Skolrood Wants to Represent You

Our Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers know that motorcycle accidents are unpredictable and can happen even if you follow all the safety precautions. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving our injured clients the attention their claims deserve.

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