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  • Negligence Is a Factor in Many Motorcycle and Passenger Vehicle Crashes

    Now that we’re several weeks into spring, most drivers in Virginia have gotten used to the presence of motorcycles on the road. But even though drivers are aware that motorcyclists may be sharing the road with them, they don’t always look out for them. The reasons that drivers fail to see motorcyclists can range from… read more

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Claims Must Factor in Lifetime Compensation

    Few injuries can be as permanently devastating for victims and their families as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The effects of TBIs can be extremely hard to predict, as some victims may initially present with few symptoms but worsen over time. Other victims may recover some or all function, while others experience no change from their… read more

  • Truck Accident Injury Claims Require Intense Preparation and Negotiation

    When semi-trucks are involved in crashes with passenger vehicles, the consequences can be significant. Not only are the people in the vehicles they collide with likely to suffer serious injuries, but the roads these crashes occur on may be shutdown for hours. That’s because complex investigations often need to occur after semi-truck crashes, especially when… read more

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