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  • Are Traumatic Brain Injury Claims Worth More Than Other Injury Claims?

    When injured victims file compensation claims or lawsuits, they typically want to get as much money as possible for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But the amount of money they can get is limited by the severity of their injuries, including how expensive they are to treat, how much they impact their lives, and how long they are expected to last.

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are at the upper end of the scale on all of those factors. Because the brain has only partial healing capabilities, people who suffer TBIs typically suffer from the effects of them for the rest of their lives. And unfortunately, those effects can be profound and even disabling. For example, some TBI victims are incapable of living independently, let alone working and earning a living.

    At Skolrood Law Firm, we do in-depth analyses of our clients’ injuries to determine exactly how much they’re owed for what they’ve gone through and what they will go through in the future. Then, we create demand letters that we send to insurance companies that spell out every penny our clients deserve in compensation.

    TBI victims often need substantial settlements to even come close to compensation them for their losses. That’s because TBIs profoundly change victims’ lives and even the lives of their loved ones. If you or someone you love is a TBI victim and was injured by someone else’s negligence, we want to help.

    Contact our Roanoke brain injury lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll give your claim the respect it deserves, and we won’t rest until the insurance company knows your story and how much money you need to move forward.

  • What Happens if Your Doctor or Hospital Denies Medical Malpractice?

    Dealing with a serious injury or illness that occurred after you were treated by someone who was supposed to make you feel better can be extremely difficult. You may feel like your trust was violated and that your healthcare provider didn’t care about your wellbeing or recovery. And while not at all poor outcomes are caused by medical malpractice, some are—but getting doctors, hospitals, and clinics to admit that malpractice occurred can be difficult.

    In fact, most healthcare providers and facilities will initially deny malpractice in almost all claims. That’s because the burden of proof is enormous and it lies solely on the victims themselves and their lawyers if they choose to hire them. In addition, medicine is an inexact science, and that means mistakes and poor outcomes can be waved away or minimized by providers, their legal teams, and their insurers.

    But having an experienced and aggressive legal team on your side can change everything. Even the most uncooperative healthcare provider or facility can’t do much when there’s overwhelming evidence pointing towards negligent behavior causing an injury or illness. And at Skolrood Law Firm, that’s exactly what we look for when we build medical malpractice claims for our clients.

    Our Roanoke medical malpractice lawyers don’t leave anything to chance, and we don’t give doctors or hospitals any “outs.” We build airtight claims filled with evidence they can’t deny, and we demand they pay our clients fair and square for what they’ve been through. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how we can help you and your family.

  • Do You Need Separate Insurance to Cover Your Motorcycle?

    As a motorcyclist, you’re well aware of the dangers you face every time you ride. Unlike people in passenger vehicles, you have nothing protecting you from serious injuries when you’re in a crash except for the gear you wear. That means it’s essential to have insurance to compensate you for your expenses, especially if the driver who hits you is underinsured or uninsured.

    But what if you already have insurance coverage for your car, truck, or SUV? Do you need separate coverage for your motorcycle, too? YES—but many insurers offer bundles that can save you money and make it easier to keep track of your policies.

    Regardless of what type of policy you purchase, know that it’s required by law in Virginia to have valid insurance when you use the state’s roads, whether you’re driving in a passenger vehicle or riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance is offered similarly to regular auto insurance, and you’ll have many options when it comes to protecting yourself and your bike when picking a policy.

    But because the threat of injuries is so much greater for motorcyclists, it’s important to purchase uninsured/underinsured coverage that goes beyond the state’s minimum. Otherwise, you may still end up paying for your crash-related costs out of pocket. It’s also advisable to look into Medical Payments coverage, which can help with your medical bills regardless of who was at fault for your crash.

    Ultimately, having more insurance is always a good thing when you’re in a crash, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money you’re owed. That’s where we come in. After a motorcycle accident, get our Roanoke motorcycle accident lawyers on your side. We’ll fight to ensure the insurance company treats you fairly. Contact us today for a free consultation.