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  • Offered a Settlement After a Crash? Our Lawyers Can Review It to Make Sure It’s Fair.

    Insurance companies do everything in their power to protect their profits. That often means paying victims far less than they deserve after accidents and injuries. A surprising tactic that insurance companies use to protect their profits is to offer victims settlements right away after accidents and injuries. When victims receive these settlement offers, they often… read more

  • Surprise Visits to Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Can Help You Spot Abuse or Neglect

    It’s not always easy for the families of nursing home residents to determine if they’re being abused or neglected. In many cases, staff members become very good at hiding the signs of abuse or neglect. When questioned about bruises, dehydration, or other signs of mistreatment, they may have convenient excuses or explanations ready. This leaves… read more

  • We Help TBI Victims Get Compensation for Their Physical Therapy and Rehab

    When people suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), there’s a chance their entire lives will change instantly. Cognitive and personality changes are common, as are changes in fine motor skills. Some TBI victims must re-learn how to do basic tasks such as standing, walking, dressing themselves, and eating. That’s because the connections in their brain that… read more