Truck Accident

How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Claim?

Virginia’s statute of limitations for injury claims is two years from the date they happened. This encompasses a wide variety of claims, including slip and fall claims, auto accident claims, and truck accident claims.

It’s important to realize that while two years seems like a generous amount of time to pursue compensation, 24 months passes faster than you realize—especially if you’re seriously injured. Many truck accident victims take far longer than two years to recover from their injuries, and they may not even begin the process of pursuing compensation until it’s already too late.

In addition, waiting until the deadline has nearly arrived to file a claim often means not having access to the evidence you and your lawyer need to bolster your chances of getting compensation. The sooner you contact a lawyer after your truck accident, the better.

If you wait too long, all parties involved, including the driver, the truck company, and the truck owner may be more difficult to get ahold of, and their insurers also may be better prepared for the possibility of you filing a claim against them.

Finally, waiting until the deadline has almost passed to contact a lawyer means putting a time crunch on them, which can mean a less effective claim. It’s important that your lawyer has plenty of time to prepare your claim before demanding full compensation from the insurance company.

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Truck Accident

Are Truck Accident Claims More Difficult to Win than Auto Accident Claims?

Every injury claim is unique with its own set of circumstances and challenges. But one type of claim stands out among many others for overall complexity and difficulty: truck accident claims. Although truck accident claims seem similar to auto accident claims on the surface, victims often face more pushback and hurdles than people who were hurt by negligent drivers of passenger vehicles.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Multiple parties may be at fault—Unlike auto accidents where fault often lies with a single party, truck accidents can have multiple liable parties. The drivers, truck companies, and truck owners may all share liability, but finding proof of each party’s liability can be difficult.
  • More compensation may be on the line—Big trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while even the largest passenger vehicles often top out at around 6,000 pounds. The size and weight difference means injuries are often more severe and costly, and that means more compensation is needed.
  • More evidence may need to be collected to prove fault—Proving another driver’s negligence usually involves determining if they broke one or more traffic laws. Truck accident claims involve that AND proving whether potentially at-fault parties violated guidelines and rules specific to the trucking industry.

Although truck accident claims can be more complex than auto accident claims, having an experienced Roanoke truck accident lawyer on your side means that you’ll have peace of mind and a much better chance of getting full compensation than going it alone.

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Truck Accident

Why Summertime is Truck Accident Season

Big truck accidents can happen at anytime of year, but summer is especially dangerous for truckers and the people driving near them. That’s because there are typically more drivers on the road at any given time in the summer, especially on highways and interstates, as more people are traveling and going on vacation.

Summer also means longer days, and that means truckers may push themselves to go further and further without taking necessary and even legally required rest and sleep breaks. There are few things more dangerous on the road than a sleep-deprived truck driver who is responsible for safely maneuvering an 80,000-pound vehicle while traveling at 70+ MPH.

It’s important for all drivers to know that they have recourse if they’re hurt in crashes involving big trucks. Their injuries may be extremely painful and disabling, and that means very expensive medical bills and a prolonged absence from work. And with millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, missing any time at work can be disastrous for so many families in Virginia.

If you or someone you love is injured this summer in an accident involving a semi-truck, don’t hesitate to get legal representation on your side. Big truck companies and their insurers rarely cooperate with victims, and when they do, the settlements they offer are rarely sufficient.

The Roanoke truck accident attorneys at Skolrood Law Firm know all too well the games that insurers play to get out of paying fair settlements, and we don’t stand for them. Contact us today for a free consultation. We want to help you get the settlement you need to compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.