Personal Injury

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many stereotypes of lawyers, and many of them are rooted in television shows and movies. One of the most common stereotypes is that they’re extremely expensive and charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single office visit. And while that stereotype is true for lawyers in some fields, it’s different for many lawyers who handle personal injury claims.

People who need personal injury attorneys are often facing serious financial difficulties. That’s because they’ve just been injured and need expensive medical treatments. They’re also often too hurt to work, which means no paychecks over the coming weeks, months, or even years.

Injured victims often don’t have the money to pay lawyer’s fees or consultation costs. That’s why many victims either accept what the insurance company offers them or pay their own costs out of pocket. But what many victims don’t realize is that most personal injury lawyers offer both free consultations AND they work on contingency fees.

Contingency fees mean that they don’t charge for their services unless they win money for their clients. If there’s no settlement or victory in court, there’s no charge. This allows victims in even the direst of financial straits to still get legal representation on their side when they need compensation for their medical bills and lost wages.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we’re proud to offer free consultations and no hourly rates, invoices, or bills unless we win money for victims like you. Contact our Roanoke personal injury lawyers today if you or someone you love was hurt because of another person’s negligence. We’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.

Personal Injury

Is There a Cap on Personal Injury Settlements in Virginia?

The amount of compensation victims can receive for most injury claims in Virginia isn’t capped. That’s good news for victims whose injuries will result in lifelong care and a lifetime of disability, as their accident-related expenses can easily add up to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

However, there IS a cap on medical malpractice cases in Virginia, which is currently $2.5 million. This cap increases by $50,000 every year and will reach $3 million by July 1, 2031. There is also a cap on punitive damages, which are damages designed to punish extremely negligent, reckless, and malicious people and parties. This cap is set at $350,000.

Just because there’s no cap on non-medical malpractice injury lawsuits doesn’t mean that victims have an easy time getting paid a fair amount, however. Insurance companies do everything in their power to reduce or even deny claims, including those with plenty of evidence to show that victims weren’t at fault. And the more money that’s on the line, the more combative and less cooperative they are.

At Skolrood Law Firm, we work hard to help our clients get every penny they’re owed, regardless of how big or small their settlements should be. Don’t risk getting a lowball settlement or even a rejection from the insurance company. Contact our Roanoke personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

Personal Injury

How Serious Does Your Injury Need to Be to Call a Lawyer?

Some people are hesitant to file injury claims after they get hurt, especially if they believe their injuries aren’t serious. But serious is a subjective term, especially when it comes to injuries. Even an injury that’s relatively minor can result in major expenses.

For example, repetitive stress injuries occur over a long period and involve minor damage accumulating and worsening over time. But eventually, victims may become fully disabled by them. The same is true for many types of personal injuries.

It’s not uncommon for victims of auto accidents or medical malpractice to initially have mild symptoms, only for those symptoms to either worsen or become nagging to the point where they can no longer work or enjoy their lives. Although their initial medical bills may be low and their injuries described as “minor,” they still deserve significant compensation for how their injuries have affected them.

At Skolrood Law Firm, our Roanoke personal injury lawyers never jump to conclusions when reviewing personal injury claims. We know that no two injuries are alike, and some serious injuries may be recovered from more quickly and completely than injuries that appear minor or inconsequential in comparison.

If you were recently injured through no fault of your own, we want to hear your story. It’s common for insurance companies to dismiss claims from people whose injuries seem minor, but our legal team knows that you may have a long road ahead of you. Contact us today for a free consultation.