Skolrood Rides

We’re Motorcyclists and We Can Help

Mark Skolrood bought his first motorcycle when he was 21 years old. The excitement, sense of freedom, and ability to ride both on and off road attracted him to motorcycling—which he has embraced as a lifelong passion.

Mark shares his love for motorcycles with his children and friends. With his family by his side—and with more than 26 years of practicing motorcycle accident law under his belt—Mark knows how important it is to be safe on the road. He says that many drivers get too close to motorcyclists and are inattentive when pulling out or changing lanes.

He also says to anticipate other drivers’ actions as much as possible, and to have an exit line if someone pulls out or makes a lane change. He adds that it’s important for riders to be as visible as possible by wearing bright clothing, never weaving through traffic, staying out of a car’s blind spots, and never allowing oneself to be boxed in.

As an avid motorcyclist himself, Mark disagrees with the “reckless” stereotype often attributed to motorcyclists. He says that while some of those riders exist, most riders are law abiding and responsible.

Supporting the Virginia Motorcycle Community 

Blue Ridge Bike Fest

Our attorneys know riding a motorcycle is more than just a way to get from one place to another—it’s a passion. That’s why Skolrood Law Firm is delighted to sponsor Virginia’s Blue Ridge Bike Fest. This annual event is an opportunity for riders, families, friends, and fans from throughout the region to gather for a weekend of riding, bike exhibitions, live music, vendors, and more.