Auto Accident

Don’t Count on Your Insurer to Cover You After a Crash

After auto accidents that weren’t their fault, many people know that the other drivers’ insurance companies will be reluctant to pay them fair compensation. But when they need to file claims against their own insurance companies, they expect to be treated better and to easily get the money they’re owed. After all, they’ve paid their premiums on time for years and have been loyal customers.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are always looking for ways to protect their profits by reducing or denying claims. Whether it’s a third-party seeking compensation or a policyholder, their goal is to find a way to pay as little money as possible. This can be a rude awakening for many people who need to tap into their uninsured/underinsured driver coverage and other policies after crashes.

Because insurance companies don’t want to compensate anyone, including their own customers, it’s important for injured victims to get experienced legal representation on their side right away after crashes. Innocent accident victims needing to get a lawyer involved to get money from their own insurers after crashes is more common than you think, and we help policyholders get the money they’re owed all the time.

If you were hurt in a crash and your insurer is playing hardball with you, don’t accept a reduced settlement or take no for an answer. Contact the Roanoke car accident lawyers at Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.