Auto Accident

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

If were recently injured in a car crash and are reading this blog, chances are you’ve long since left the accident scene. Even if you made mistakes at the crash scene that could hurt your claim, that doesn’t mean you’re ineligible for compensation. An experienced Roanoke car accident lawyer can help you maximize your chances of receiving full damages, but it’s vital that you avoid making further missteps while your claim is being built.

The three most common mistakes people make after they’ve left crash scenes include:

  • Not reporting their crashes to their insurers.

Even if you have no intention of filing a claim against your own auto insurance, you still need to report it to them. Failing to do so within a short time after your crash can make you ineligible to receive compensation from them, which you may need depending on the other driver’s insurance coverage.

  • Discussing their injuries or cases on social media.

Insurance adjusters are always looking for ways to reduce or deny claims. Social media platforms make it easier than ever for them to find “gotcha” evidence to use against injured victims, including descriptions of their injuries that conflict with their claims, pictures of them participating in activities that they should be too injured to do, and more.

  • Waiting too long to call a lawyer.

Virginia’s statute of limitations for injury and accident claims is two years from the date they occurred. But you shouldn’t wait nearly long enough for time to run out. Waiting even a matter of weeks after your crash can make it harder to win your claim because evidence may be harder to find and witnesses may be more difficult to track down. Call a lawyer ASAP.

After a crash that wasn’t your fault, you need experienced legal representation. Call Skolrood Law Firm today for a free consultation.