Auto Accident

Why You Should Never Say “Sorry” After a Crash

Auto accidents are frightening and stressful for everyone, including the people in the other vehicles. And because crashes can happen quickly and with very little warning, it’s common for victims to assume they must have done something to cause their crashes. The combination of those factors means that some victims may say “sorry” to other drivers.

Unfortunately, saying sorry isn’t just a kind gesture after a traumatic collision. It can actually be used against you by the other driver’s insurance company or even in court. Other statements that can potentially jeopardize your chances of getting compensation include:

  • “I didn’t see you.”

This statement can imply that you caused the crash by not being aware of your surroundings or looking out for the other vehicle.

  • “I didn’t have time to slow down/stop.”

This statement can imply that you were following the other driver too closely or that you were distracted and thus unable to brake in time to avoid a collision.

  • “We’re both at fault.”

This statement can imply that you shared some degree of fault for the crash, which the other driver may play up, especially if they know they caused the crash!

Because Virginia is a contributory negligence state, even 1% of fault can make you ineligible for compensation after a crash. That’s why you should always stick to the facts and allow the accident report and your Roanoke auto accident lawyer a chance to prove the other driver’s sole liability.

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