Nursing Home Abuse

Should You Move Your Abused or Neglected Loved One into a New Nursing Home?

Finding out your loved one was mistreated in their nursing home to the point where their health and even life was at risk is devastating. When this happens, many people file injury claims against the nursing homes that failed to look after their loved ones. But if you decide to file a claim against your loved one’s care facility, should you also move them to a new one?

The answer depends on a few factors. First, you should determine if your loved one’s abuse or neglect was an isolated incident. In some cases, abuse and neglect happen in otherwise caring and attentive facilities because a single caretaker acted negligently or maliciously towards residents. When this happens, ensuring the at-fault caretaker is fired and possibly prosecuted is the right path to take.

However, some cases of abuse and neglect are indicative of more widespread problems. For example, some nursing homes become breeding grounds for poor resident treatment because of their hiring practices. They may intentionally understaff or hire inexperienced and unqualified caretakers to save money. Those “savings” ultimately come at the cost of residents’ health and wellbeing.

If it’s determined that your loved one’s nursing home is a negligent facility overall, moving them to a new care home is your best option. In some cases, this move can be the difference between life and death, especially for vulnerable residents. It can be difficult to find a new care facility, especially on short notice, but our Roanoke nursing home abuse lawyers are here to help.

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