Truck Accident

How Our Lawyers Can Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

On the surface, truck accident claims may seem similar to car accident claims. Both involve two or more vehicles colliding because of someone’s negligence, and the collisions result in one or more people suffering injuries and other damages. But if you ask anyone who has filed both types of claims about the differences, they will tell you there’s no comparison between the two.

Truck accident claims are far more complex than car accident claims. That’s because many big trucks are subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, which means there’s more opportunities for victims and their lawyers to prove negligence caused their injuries.

In addition, truck accident claims may have multiple at-fault parties. After a car accident, there’s usually just one at-fault party: the negligent driver. But after truck accidents, the negligent drivers may share liability with negligent truck companies and owners, too.

Finally, truck accident claims are usually fought more fiercely by insurance companies than car accident claims. That’s because truck accident claims are usually worth more money, as victims often suffer more serious injuries during truck accidents.

All of this adds up to one fact: truck accident victims need experienced Roanoke truck accident lawyers representing their claims. You can’t pick just any lawyer and expect a good outcome. Instead, you need one that understands the unique challenges and complexities of your case.

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