Truck Accident

What Happens When Other Drivers Are to Blame for Truck Accidents?

It’s easy to point the finger at people and parties associated with big trucks after accidents. Many people involved in those crashes assume that the truck drivers themselves are liable. And if not them, then surely the truck companies or even truck owners. But sometimes, none of those parties are liable.

Instead, the responsibility may fall on another driver who may or may not have even been involved in the crash. These types of crashes can happen when a negligent driver does something that causes a truck driver to lose control. For example, they may cut off a truck driver, forcing him to slam on his brakes, resulting in a jackknife scenario.

Another situation may involve a truck driver being forced to swerve to avoid a guaranteed collision. But in the process of swerving, he may lose control of his truck and crash into nearby vehicles. In some cases, drivers can even clip trucks, and even though semi-trucks significantly outweigh passenger vehicles, that amount of force can still send trucks careening into the paths of other vehicles.

In these cases, all of the liability may fall on the other drivers. The tricky part can be tracking them down if they left the scene of the crashes or assigning them blame if they were involved in the crashes themselves. That’s because these situations often devolve into finger pointing and he said, she said scenarios.

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